Why be involved with IFRA?  It is the right thing to do!

Petroleum and Convenience stores are in virtually every Illinois community---serving and employing Illinoisans.  
No other format serves so many consumers in such varying ways in such a competitive environment.
As a regional Convenience Distributor, Burklund Distributors is absolutely committed to our Illinois Association, which has such a proud and long serving reputation.
IFRA is the unique way to come together and join as suppliers, distributors and retail establishments to better serve consumers of all types in every region of our state!
We come together to support Industry relations at PMAA, NACS and of course our cornerstone M-Pact regional gathering.  Together, IFRA represents an extremely talented and dedicated base of Petroleum & Convenience leadership.  We can truly say that everyone learns and grows from our experiences.  The GROUP is always exponentially more influential for our region.  
For all aspects of Legislative, Regulation & Taxation, we can assure you that IFRA understands and engages at all levels of government.  We have access and we serve as statesmen in addition to expressing our needs.  Reputations of our members are well known to Legislators and state leadership.  
By far and away, the best reason to be active and engaged at IFRA is for the friendships.  
In today’s world, so much happens so fast.  Demands seem to constantly increase. 
Everything is full speed and everything seems to be a text or an email.  Companies reorganize how they come to market and there is always a new face.
Social events are an extremely nice way to come together as peers, and relax and recharge.  As a unique group of manufactures, brokers, distributors, and retailers…we all have an important place in serving consumers.  IFRA is a most unique way to come together as a group.  We are all in this together.  This includes financial support as well as involvement.
Through many years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many owners and leaders who have shared their insights, and this would never have been possible without the IFRA.  We are grateful.  
Jonathan Burklund
Burklund Distributors, Inc.