We are the voice of the petroleum distribution industry. Our slogan is “Neighbors Serving Neighbors,” and it’s more than a slogan: it’s at the core of everything we do.

The Association is a trade association of 500 small business companies, representing primarily petroleum marketers and convenience stores but having much broader reach, as this graphic shows. We fuel Illinois’ economy:

Our members drive it all forward, by providing refined petroleum fuel and other products from the pipeline terminal to the motoring public, government and business. We collect, administer and turn in more than $2 billion in Illinois state motor fuel taxes each year.

Some users purchase gas from our members, but it’s not taxes. All gallonage must be accounted for to the Illinois Department of Revenue by our distributors.
• $6.5 billion gallons of taxable fuel a year
• $5.4 billion gallons of non-taxable fuel a year – 12,000 government and business customers
• 99.9 percent compliance – higher than any other Illinois tax!



Since 1920, our Association has served as the voice in Springfield for petroleum and convenience store businesses. We’re here to make our businesses stronger, to give them the insight they need and influence they deserve with state government. When we do our jobs right, our businesses make more profits.

We are on the frontlines working with the Governor, state agencies such as the Lottery, Department of Revenue and Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Legislature and all of their counterparts in Washington to support and oppose legislation that affects our member businesses.

Our services provide real value to our members, from coupon redemption and employee background checks to DOT drug testing. We keep members updated on ever-changing state laws and rules and help with required postings on canopies and inside stores. Our publications, educational seminars and meetings all come with one goal: keep you informed and engaged, to protect and promote your business!



We’ve heard all the reasons why the Association is not for some industry businesses. I don’t have time for that. I can’t afford it. I don’t want to give my competitors any help. The dog ate my application form.

OK, so that last one is an easy fix – just use the online form here.

Joining the Association isn’t about time or money, or competition. It’s about investing in your future success. Here is why we think you should join today:

• Get involved – There is power in numbers, and the more industry voices we have driving our decisions, the more effective we can be for everyone.
• Get engaged – You don’t need to testify in Springfield or make every board meeting to make a difference. Your Association members earns you a seat at the table, and provides us the valuable insight you bring to better advocate for you and all of our members. Every little bit you can offer helps.
• Get educated – Learn about the issues state legislators and agencies are considering and share your perspective. Join our seminars to learn from experts and your colleagues. Know what you need to have on site to follow the law.
• Get ahead – Association members get their state and federal violations and discrepancies resolved. They save time and money through hire for profit, coupon redemption, and DOT certified drug testing and police background check programs we offer. They get quick answers to everyday problems.

Best of all? As much as 60 percent of your annual Association dues are tax deductible. Invest in a stronger future by joining our Association today!

Want to learn more about our programs and services? Download our membership brochure here (link).

And hear directly from Association members here (link) about why their membership is the best investment they could make in their own success.

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About Us

“Neighbors Serving Neighbors.” It’s more than our slogan at IFRA, it’s at the core of every decision we make. IFRA was formed in order to foster a cooperative spirit between petroleum marketers and convenience store operators doing business in Illinois. It’s our guiding principal to eliminate practices and customs that are contrary to a capitalist economy and a competitive business environment in Illinois.


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